Innovating Governments & SMEs

risk & RESOURCE management

SME from idea to invoice(Certified innovation curriculum)



We provide customized & flexible solutions, workshops & certifications,

depending on the trends and needs of your industry, city or country, 

and the global scenario. We are our trusted  innovative advisors

Coaching & development


IT & Knowledge transfer

  • Workshops, Programs & Certifications regarding useful topics like:
  • Innovation & Leadership
  • Business performance
  • Change & Knowledge Management
  • Enterprise Risk
  • Cyber Security, Cyber Law & IP
  • e-Commerce
  • Action Learning Programs
  • Organizational Coaching
  • Development own internal consultants
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Strategy & Strategic Management
  • Organization design
  • Change Management
  • Customer engagement & satisfaction
  • Performance transformation

From Business Idea to Invoice


From Business Idea to Wealth SME

  • IT solutions
  • Market Entrance
  • Development of Apps

A 52 hour program that provides the accurate skills needed for start-up or any other SME in any stage of its grow. This is like an MBA but in real practice and real life.


A 52 hour program that build awareness and provides how-to manage threats and minimize risks. A real must have now-a-days.

Two full day workshop that provides insights to develop implementation principles and detailed transition plans and support on the ground implementation. During the workshop, participants will be working on their real business projects

Two full day workshop that provides insights and guidance on IT governance strategy, risk management and implementation of resources through interactive sessions and mini-cases

A 52 week program (it can be taken in 3 separately modules) that provides the accurate skills to IT staff or executives like CIO, CEO, facilitating an understandable relationship and the alignment between senior management and the IT staff, for successful initiative's implementations.

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or if you need a customized-one.

Other workshops & programs related to Information Security, Cyber Security & Enterprise Risk:

  • Enterprise Risk & Governance(isO27001+20000+9001+31000+Cobit)
  • Enterprise Network Security (ENS)
  • Advanced Forensics , Response And Intrusion Detection (AFRAID)
  • DoD Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation
  • Enterprise IT Governance and Value Creation
  • Cloud Computing and Malware Protection
  • Information Security Awareness program
  • Cybersecurity Incident management and response
  • Cybersecurity Essentials for new digital world