Innovating Governments & SMEs

SME from idea to invoice(Certified innovation curriculum)

A 52 day (12 week) program that provides the accurate skills needed for start-up or any other SME in any stage of its grow. This is like an MBA but in real practice and real life.

As part of the holistic framework "ICanDo52" that ensures ideas meet industry needs and provides the necessary personal, processes and technology to StartUp and in partnership with IN5 (DIC), we develop the 12 week (52 days) SME Program which enable the skills and development of SMEs for getting Dubai into Top 20 by 2020. The Program is a certified innovation curriculum that includes 3 modules per week and 1 week of action learning apply to the business owners projects. .

From Business Idea to Invoice

           From Idea to Invoice

SME Certified Innovation Program

The Program is every Saturday from 9am to  5pm

for 12 weeks. Only 20 seats available.

Register NOW! and obtain 15% discount.

You can send us an email at:  info@icando52.com